Pictures from today’s counter-protest of the WBC at Oak Hills HS in Cincinnati. There were about 200 of us opposite the 4 of them, and we couldn’t hear anything they were saying/singing. Tons of cars passed by and honked and flipped off the WBC people, and every time someone honked our entire side cheered. They seriously had at least 20 cops there keeping us far away from them. It was an amazing experience.

Now, obviously our counter protest is not to try and make them see our side, because several people from UC were very angry that we were going to this. They claimed that we were just fueling the WBC and that it was pointless, but I think differently. We went out to show our support for the LGBT youth at Oak Hills HS and we were also showing our support for the GSA they are trying to start there. We didn’t choose Oak Hills, WBC did. We went to support those they were protesting, and as you can see, it wasn’t just us. People from Berea College, a school over 2 hours away in Kentucky, were there to protest, as well as a ton of students from Oak Hils. In fact, in the back of the top picture you can even see some faculty standing out in front of their school in protest of WBC (at least that’s what we all assume they were doing).

Personally, I enjoyed actually going and seeing them. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries on them and I recognized all 4 of them today. It was an interesting experience to see them, even if I couldn’t hear them. It made me happy to see all the people there to protest in response. It was fantastic. :)

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